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Island Grove Park - Swimming

Island Grove Pool photo courtesy of the Abington Mariner

Pool Membership

The pool season runs from late June to late August. Daily passes and Seasonal memberships are available for both residents and non-residents.

Swimming Lessons

Two three week swimming lesson sessions are offered at the six Red Cross Learn-to-Swim levels:
    Boy Jumping Off Raft photo courtesy of the Abington Mariner
  • Level I - Water Exploration
  • Level II - Primary Skills
  • Level III - Stroke Readiness
  • Level IV - Stroke Development
  • Level V - Stroke Refinement
  • Level VI - Skill Proficiency

Two Girls Jumping in Water photo courtesy of Jack Porcello The general objective of our lessons program is to provide an atmosphere where children can learn water skills in a safe and enthusiastic environment. We use the Water and Safety skills outlined by the American Red Cross Progressive Swimming Courses as our primary teaching guide. However, we also include our own creative motivational techniques along with a heavy dose of enthusiasm to make sure that the learning is stimulating, stress-free and fun!

When selecting a course of instruction for your child(ren), use their previous Red Cross Courses as a guide. Repeating courses (especially at the Water Exploration and Primary Skills levels) can be a valuable experience as swimming skills are best learned through repetition. It is not uncommon for youngsters to stay in the same Red Cross skill level for two sessions.

General Guidelines:
    Boys On Shoulders photo courtesy of Nancy Murphy
  1. In order to participate in the program your child must be at least 4 years of age before the start of the class.
  2. Classes are held unless weather conditions threaten the safety of the students and department staff. Classes are not held if there is lightning in the area.
  3. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, classes will not be made up unless the Pool Director feels that students have not had enough instruction time to learn skills needed to pass their current level.
  4. Parents (not participating in lesson) are encouraged to leave the beach area completely. This policy will help the instructor develop the “Trusting Relationships” necessary for the learning process to begin.
  5. There will be 15 minutes in between each instructor’s lessons. This will allow the instructor to warm up and let parents ask questions if needed.
  6. All lessons will begin and end promptly on schedule.
  7. Second session class schedule will be adjusted if needed according to the needs of the memberships.
  8. At the end of each session those children who have successfully completed all required skills will receive a Red Cross card.
  9. Registration fees are not refundable once lessons begin.

Pool Facts

Built in the late 1960's, the sand bottom pool is estimated to hold one million gallons.  Fresh water is continuously fed into the pool from a well and the excess water exits via an overflow into the lake. Each day the pool is chemically treated to ensure the water is clean and healthy.  The high iron content of the fresh well water reacts with the chemicals and produces the characteristic color of the water.

Four times a day the water is tested and the results logged by Island Grove staff.  Twice a week the water is sampled by the Abington Board of Health and sent to an outside independent facility for testing.  Each spring the pool is pumped out, old sand is removed and replaced with one hundred cubic yards of clean new beach sand.  The pool is then refilled with fresh water and chemically shock treated to prepare for the new season.

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